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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
TAC Participation Rules

Rules and standards for TAC sponsored events:

1. AT ALL TIMES, ALL AIRSOFT WEAPONS MUST BE TREATED AS IF THEY ARE REAL FIREARMS. When in a staging area, magazines must be removed from the weapon(s), and the operator must insure there are no rounds in the chambers. Weapons should not be pointed at individuals except during game play.

2. All weapons are are required to be chronographed and observe a maximum fps limit.  For normal field games (CQB will differ) the limits are as follows:
2.1 All AEGs not covered further below must be at or under 376 fps with a .25g BB (420 w/ .20g).
2.2 All Sniper rifles* must be at or under 460 fps with a .36g BB (617 w/ .20g) and must observe a 75 foot MED (Minimum Engagement Distance) as well as have automatic firing abilities mechanically disabled.
2.3 All SAW Weapons** must be at or under 400 fps with a .25g BB (445 w/ .20g).
*Sniper rifles must be semi automatic or bolt action rifles with a stock and barrel length over 33 inches.  Violating the semi automatic fire or MED rules with a weapon in this range will result in aggressive disciplinary action.
**SAW Weapons are faithful recreations of belt or box fed firearms qualify as SAWs. This includes (but is not limited to) the M60, M249, MG42, RPD, Shrike, and similar models. NO MP5's, M-16s, or non SAW weapons with a drum magazine are recognized as SAWs and as such must follow the AEG rules.

2A. Blind fire is prohibited at TAC games due to the injury dangers it creates, players observed repeatedly doing so will be asked to leave and may face disciplinary action.  Blind fire is when you are behind an obstacle and hang the barrel of your gun over the side or top and blindly fire without knowing where your target is or the distance he is at.  A good rule of thumb is to only shoot what/who you can see with your own two eyes.

2B. Supplemental Hand Grenade and Rocket Rules: Most organizers allow the use of replica hand grenades and rcokets in games. Commerical replicas that actually fire BB's are self explanatory, if your hit by the grenade shell or the BBs it expels your out of play. Non firing replicas may be used if they are an actual grenade model such as a rubber or light weigth aluminum model (sorry guys no tennis balls).  Please do not use real inert hand grenades, these are simply to heavy to be safley used in the heat of battle.  Model grenades used in this manner 'detonate' where they come to a halt at, anything within 10 feet of the grenade when it stops rolling is treated as a hit.n the case of a non live grenade, such as a rubber grenade, if the Grenade touches ground within 10feet of you then your removed from play. Rockets fired from a launcher 'detonate' on initial impact and have a splash range of 15 feet.  If you are within 15 feet from the rockets point of impact (not final resting place) your hit.

3. Biodegradable BBs are STRONGLY encouraged, and may be made mandatory at certain events. If you have a question about whether Bio BBs are required for a particular event please ask the coordinator. BBs should weigh .2 to .25g in most cases. Springer weapons may require the use of a lighter round, and in these cases players should use a .12g round. If Biodegradable rounds are mandatory at an event, it is the responsibility of the player to supply these rounds, or not use the weapon.

4. To play in a TAC sponsored event all players must sign a waiver stating they understand the risks of airsoft and release TAC of all liability. Full TAC members are excluded from the above as they have a waiver on file with their membership application. TAC forum users, walk ons and guests must sign a waiver onsite of the event to be able to participate or observe. Spectators and players under the age 18 must have a parental signature on this waiver as well as their own, there will be no exceptions so please plan accordingly. Additionally, players under the age of 16 must have a guardian or mentor on the field. A parent is sufficient as a guardian and a mentor can be any 18+ fully papered TAC member who is willing to 'vouch' for the minor. Please remember that the parental consent form/liability waiver is still required in this case.

5. All players on the field must wear adequate protection at all times in the playing area. We recommend that all players wear full face protection. Full face protection in the form of a paintball style face mask is required for those under the age of 18. Players over the age of 18 may use safety style glasses or sealing safety goggles at their discretion. No player or spectator will be allowed on the field without adequate eye protection that must conform to ANSI Z87.1 impact rating at the minimum, no exceptions. Eye protection must be put on before entering the field and must not be removed before leaving the field, even if the game is already over. If your eye protection is damaged, replace it immediately. If your headgear gets fogged while you are playing, do not take it off! Try flapping it against your face. If you cannot unfog your mask, call the nearest organizer over to help you. Or leave the playing field to fix it (once you leave the field, you are "out" and may not resume the current game, unless otherwise stated by the rules). If you remove your eye protection during a game or in the staging area, you will be asked to leave.

6. All new and modified guns on the field must pass a safety check by an official before it can be used on the field. This usually involves a visual inspection as well as some questions and will also include a chronograph check to verify fps. Even if an airsoft gun passes the velocity limit and visual tests, if a majority of players vote to have it disallowed for a given reason it cannot be used.

7. No explosives or combustibles of any kind are allowed in games unless approved by the organizer/host of the event beforehand. This includes cold or non burning smoke or any device which causes excessive report or visual cue. This is also extended to any unapproved fires such as unapproved campfires. Permissible devices include commercially available replica flash bangs or grenades, baby powder grenades, claymores, or other low yield powder devices. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the game and future TAC sponsored events. If you have a question about your device please ask a event organizer or TAC board member about it before deploying it.

7a. Scratch constructed pneumatic devices such as mortars or rocket launchers must be reviewed by staff members before inclusion in a game.  Furthermore, only adults 18 years of age or older may operate any scratch built device for saftey and liability reasons.  All players may use commerically available devices that make use of a metered cartridge such as a MOSCART grenade.

8. No paint devices of any kind are to be used unless approved by the host of the event and adequate notice is given to all participants.

9. No illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed on the field. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the game and future TAC sponsored events.

10. No threats of physical violence or name calling are allowed on the field. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the game and future TAC sponsored events.

11. No "real steel" guns are allowed at any TAC sponsored events, unless they are carried by an approved party. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the game and future TAC sponsored events.

12. Please keep your guns and gear concealed anytime you are in the public view. Weapons should be transported to and from the field in a suitable bag/holster/case.

13. If you are hit anywhere during game play, you are out. This includes any extension of your body or gear to include: backpacks, vests, foot wear, head gear and items sticking out from your mask, etc. The one exception to this is hits to your weapon in which case that weapon must be holstered and a backup used. If you have no backupto use in the above case then you are out. Ricochets do not count as hits, but shots through foliage do count as does friendly fire.

14. All players are asked to have a red shop rag or other brightly colored marker to put on your head when you are out. When you are hit and rendered out, you are encouraged to act out a "realistic dramatic death" and then place the red rag over your head while lying down. Remain "dead" on the ground where you were shot for about 1 minute or until combat moves away from your position. Once it is safe to stand move to the respawn or rally point area pursuant to the scenario rules. When you are removing yourself to the rally point make sure your red rag is still on top of your head (highly visible) and keep your gun up. Remember, dead players don't talk, move or provide info/intel in any way to do so may result in disciplinary action taken.

14a. All players are required to have a time telling device on their persons at all times during an event.  This is now required equipment.  This device can be a cell phone , however, a wrist watch is recommended.  The device can and should be used for complying with respawn timers and start/stop times of events when times are announced.

15. Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players we must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. If you think you hit a player but they did not acknowledge it, let it go, you can always shoot them again. If you are unsure whether you were hit in a fire fight, it's in your best interest to call yourself as hit. You can always play again in the next game or round. Remember, you may not always feel or hear your self get hit, this is especially true if you are wearing heavy gear. Please, never under ANY circumstance should you call someone out. It only leads to arguments. Have faith that if they get hit, they will call themselves out. If you consistently see a player not calling their out then let the organizer know so they can approach the alleged offender in an objective and non partial way and get the issue resolved.

16. TAC recommends that if you get within 20 feet of someone, that you ask them to surrender before you shoot them. If they surrender, they are out and do not shoot them. If they do not surrender, you may shoot them, aim for a shoe or gear if possible to minimize injury. If you refuse to surrender to someone, remember that you are likely to be shot at a very close range and it will probably sting. Surrendering is optional for the victim, but is encouraged for safety sake. Game event organizers will repeat this rule and the fact it is optional, but recommended, every game, verbally, before events start.

17. You cannot "fake" being dead. If you are caught doing so, disciplinary action will be taken and you are not likely to be invited back to future events.

18. Knife kills are also a legal way of getting someone out. If you get within arms reach of someone, don't shoot them, tag them instead. A tag is as good as a hit. Anyone tagged is out. It's also known as a knife kill which is highly respected and a difficult way of killing someone.

19. Please make all efforts to stay inside the designated 'bounds' while playing and to stay at a starting point until the game is started. The exception is when the scenario or organizer approves non starting point deployments or extended bounds. If a player is caught habitually ‘gaming’ the rules and boundaries to get an edge in play they will be asked to leave.

20. There is no going back to the rally points to reload during a game, unless its explicitly called out in the scenario or event rules. You must carry all of your ammo, gas, water etc. on your person with you into the game. Returning to a staging area or rally point is considered tagging yourself out.

21. "Blind Man" is the code to stop all play immediately. Use it only for an emergency situation such as when someone has suffered a minor injury or does not have safty gear equipped. Anyone may call "Blind Man" at any time. If you hear someone call “Blind Man” stop play immediately and safety all weapons. Play will resume when an organizer blows the whistle or calls “game on”.

22. “Corpsman” is the code used for when someone is hurt. Do not use ‘medic’ or any other term that can be misconstrued with the role playing aspect of mil-sim. When “Corpsman” is called out all play should stop immediately and all players should make for the rally point while repeating the call. A designated medically trained officer or player will dispatch to attend the injured player. Once the situation is assessed the organizer will organize the players and play will resume.

23. Listen to the organizers they are there to help make sure we have a good time. The organizer on duty may change some of the minor rules from game to game, so please pay attention to their instructions. Also please keep the following commands in mind for general game play start and stop: 1 whistle or “game on” means start game, 2 whistle or “game” means end the game, 3 whistles or “blind man” means pause game at which point all players should stop shooting, put their guns down and stay where they are until they hear “game” which means return to the stage area or “game on” which means resume play.

24. In the event of a non-player approaching the field, immediately yell out "Blind man" to pause play. If an organizer is nearby direct them to the non-player, if no one is nearby lower or drop your weapon and move towards the non player and explain what we are doing in detail. Don't hesitate to tell them the basics, especially if they seem scared or a bit worried. Do not in anyway try to hinder their passing or move in a threatening manner. There is no shooting permitted while a non-player is on the field or near it, resume play with “game on” or a single whistle once the non player has left the area.

25. All TAC sponsored CQB/CQC games require the use of AEG's, snipers and/or GBB's under 350 FPS with .20g BB's for safety reasons. Also an ANSI Z87.1 rated full facemask is highly recommended for everyone in one of these games but is only mandatory for those under 18 as normal.

26. Nightgames: Nightgames have some additional rules to be aware of, read on for details. Guns for night use must be AEG's, snipers or GBB pistols under 400 FPS with .20g BB's for safety reasons. Also an ANSI Z87.1 rated full facemask is highly recommended for everyone in one of these games but is only mandatory for those under 18 as normal. Since night games carry with them an extra risk of accidental shooting all players MUST have a red lensed light or amber glow stick that is displayed as your death rag upon being removed from play. This will allow others to see your out of play and not accidentally shoot you. Finally, when playing in a game with reduced visibility such as at night, refrain from any battle cry or role playing that would disturb close by non combatants or accidentally identify you as Law Enforcment. Failure to observe any of the above will result in you being asked to leave a night event.

27. Since not everyone can afford a programmable ICOM or similar style radio communications device TAC does have a 'no electronic warfare' policy as part of the default rules set. At NO time during a TAC sponsored event is electronic warfare permitted. Electronic warfare is defined as (but not limited to) listening in or using alternate frequencies (channel surfing and or scanning), interfering with transmissions intentionally or unintentionally through mechanical or electronic means (overpowering or VOX-ing the channel), or otherwise impeding enemy or staff communications. If you have further questions please see the event organizer or a TAC board officer.If you are interested in being a game referee or organizer, please let a TAC board officer know. These rules are to be observed at all TAC sponsored game and are provided for your safety and the safety of others. Please be familiar with them. If you have any questions at all, or feel something is missing, contact a TAC board officer.
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