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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
TAC Code of Conduct:

All TAC members, TAC forum users, guests and spectators attending TAC sponsored functions are required to abide by this code of conduct. If you have any questions regarding the code please speak to a TAC officer.

TAC plays with honor and integrity, placing these values above "winning."

TAC strives to play within the prescribed game format, faithfully executing all rules and protocols.

TAC does not cheat in any manner any time regardless of the circumstances.

TAC is helpful and friendly to new or inexperienced players, recognizing that our sport's safe future is dependent upon everyone having a good time, and being left with positive impressions of our sport.

TAC players want to win and strive toward this objective, however, winning is always secondary to the enjoyment of the sport, the camaraderie, exercise, teamwork and the improvement of marksmanship and field craft skills.

TAC will respect the AO and those in it. Respect the rules of the home field and never use profanity in anger.
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